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 In this article and the Youtube video below I reflect on the situation in Gaza and the experiences of Jewish and Black People in the UK, the importance of speaking up and the reasons we fail to do so.







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From Universities to Gaza and Israel, to walking around whilst openly Jewish or


From Universities to Gaza and Israel, to walking around whilst openly Jewish or Black.

When no where is safe and thousands of innocent children are dying. 14,000 children have died and mothers can do nothing to protect their young.

I saw the news story in the UK about the Jewish guy who was stopped from crossing in front of protesters by the Police and what one officer said to him.

I guess for some of us, there’s no place to hide Mr Policeman even if we wanted to.
Whether you are Black, White, Asian, Jewish, Muslim or Christian
We all need to remember what hatred does, and how quickly people can turn on each other. We need to remind people what happens when hatred gets out of hand. we need to stand against prejudice and hatred wherever we find it.
The Six Stages Framework shows us what happens when hate is allowed to spiral down the negative axis of the Six Stages Framework.

We all have a duty to make sure that this does not happen

Which ever part of the world you are from or whether you choose to consider or to ignore free speech; oppression discrimination, and racism are real.
Which ever group of people you choose to empathise with or ignore.

Recognise your selective compassion and empathy. You are making a choice who you sympathise with and whose cause you will support or not support.

Watching the news that evening the question was asked

How do you combat anti-Semitism? Well the answer is simple you have to take every form of discrimination, racism and oppression seriously and speak up when it’s occurring?

We are learning what many of us knew already that you cannot put a price tag on suffering and see one life as more important than another. The International Court of Justice reminded us that no one race, peoples or country are above the law.

You cannot turn the other way and pretend that “it’s” not happening. You cannot exist at Stage +2 or -2 of the Six Stages Framework, in a world of denial and avoidance.

We cannot be selective about what forms of discrimination or racism we speak up against and then be surprised when we don’t have a fair and inclusive world.

“The virus of antisemitism is spreading at campuses.” This is what

Mike Johnson US House Speaker said Speaking at Columbia University. Campuses are describing the students free speech as mob rule.
Last year I wrote about the racism virus spreading and what happens when we fail to deal with it and the conditions in which it spreads. But very few seemed to care.


It’s almost like, If it doesn’t touch you and yours, then it doesn’t matter.
No matter what your views are and whether you agree with Mike Johnson or whether you agree with the students who are protesting or whether you agree with Hamas or whether you agree with Israel, what we need to understand is that intolerance, hate and racism are like viruses and if the virus is allowed to spread we will all suffer.

“First they came for—- and I did not speak up… then they came for —- and then finally they came for me and there was no one left to speak up.”

It’s so important to understand that when we are silent when marginalised groups and people from the global majority are facing every day racism then we are condoning and complicit in allowing the racism virus to thrive. This in turn opens the floodgates for other discrimination viruses to thrive.

Allowing racism to thrive impacts on everyone and on other forms of oppression. Intersectionality is real; if we solve racism and intolerance against black people we solve them all. Everything is connected!
When we are silent in naming the behaviours and calling out discriminatory behaviour we cannot be surprised when these behaviours become more extreme and spiral down the negative axis of the Six Stages Framework.

The Six Stages Framework Bias Impact Tree reminds us that we need to get better at challenging biases at the roots before they turn into symptoms of hate and discrimination. Before we all end up on the killing fields with nowhere to go, nowhere to run and no one to save us.

Speaking up and challenging racism and oppression is everybody’s business not just the people who are at the direct receiving end.

A failure to speak up when you see someone being discriminated against or when you see racism in action whether that be within schools, the workplace or within the community results in the racism virus becoming stronger. Its no different to how a failure to wash your hands during the pandemic caused Covid 19 to spread further.

That bias or that same virus that you ignored last week and did not challenge could one day come back to challenge you; growing and emerging that much stronger from the roots, it becomes stronger and more difficult to stop and eradicate.

Every life matters and everyone deserves to be safe. Everyone deserves free speech.
No one life is more important than another. No one voice should be heard louder than others and no one has a free pass to victimising others.
Read my consultation paper “If racism was a virus” to understand how the biases and the virus condition spreads within communities and even within Universities.
If racism was a virus, how would it spread? What conditions would cause it to propagate?

It is so difficult when watching the news to get a sense of who is safe and who is at risk. Who deserves protecting and who does not? On the one hand, one would think it’s a good thing that students are taking an interest in these issues and speaking up; exercising their free speech and their second amendment rights.

On the other hand, we’ve been told that some students are being intimidated and in fear of their lives.

In the meantime, the death toll in Gaza continues to rise and many around the world remain silent.
Many around the world continue to suffer and die and some are lucky if their plight even hits the news. Many in places like Africa suffer and no one even notices. They are not news worthy. Who decides? Does anyone challenge this?
Whilst in the meantime most of us continue in our caves of denial and avoidance, selectively handpicking where our empathy and compassion lies. Passing judgement on whose rights and freedoms we respect and which lives matter more than others.
A hierarchy of privileges designed by Man based on who our friends are, whose skin is lighter, who most resembles us and where our political and economic interests lie.
Is freedom a word that we only choose to use when our own liberties and safety (or those of our friends our those who’s interests are economically important to us)  is at stake?  And when it impacts on our friends and not on those who are different from us.

Surely we should be concerned about the freedoms (academic, economic or otherwise) and free speech of all humanity.

We cannot be selective about human suffering, human rights or human lives. We cannot choose who we save and who we don’t.
The world will never forget the choices we make. The surviving children will not stop screaming silently, wondering why oh why we made the choices we did.

What will we tell them?

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