Unlock the Power of Inclusive Progress
With The Six Stages Framework

Unlock the Power of Inclusive Progress in Your School

We understand the unique challenges schools face in embedding Equality, Diversity, and Inclusion (EDI) frameworks into their curriculum. Ensuring efforts are impactful, creating a true sense of belonging for all pupils, and adhering to the Equalities Act are significant tasks. The Six Stages Schools Register (SSF) is here to support you in achieving these goals effectively and sustainably.

Our Mission

Creating Safe, Inclusive, and Diverse Educational Environments

Our mission is to support schools in creating environments where every student and staff member feels valued and protected. Through our comprehensive EDI strategies, we provide the tools and knowledge necessary to combat discrimination and promote inclusiveness within the educational sector.

The Six Stages Diversity Framework

A Robust Approach to EDI Integration

Discover our Six Stages Diversity Framework—a robust, evidence-based approach designed to help educators:

  • Identify, address, and monitor discriminatory practices
  • Foster a culture of inclusivity
  • Embed EDI into the heart of the curriculum

Key Benefits of Joining the SSF Schools Register

Why Choose the Six Stages Framework?

  • Baseline Measures and Progress Tracking: Obtain initial assessments and chart your school’s journey towards greater inclusion and equity.
  • Comprehensive Toolkits: Practical resources that help embed EDI into the curriculum and beyond.
  • Evidence-Based: Grounded in rigorous research, ensuring effective and sustainable EDI practices.

Join the SSF Schools Network

Be Part of a Progressive Community

By joining the SSF Schools Network, your institution becomes part of a community dedicated to leading change in education. Register now to gain access to:

  • Valuable Resources: Access free tools and materials designed to support your EDI efforts.
  • Specialized Toolkits: Practical resources tailored to help you implement and evaluate EDI strategies.
  • Supportive Network: Connect with other proactive schools and share insights and best practices.

Exclusive Offer:

  • Bronze Level (Free): Access free resources and join our community of support.
  • Silver Level (£495/year): Unlock additional benefits detailed in our school pricing brochure.
  • Gold Level: Comprehensive support and premium resources as outlined in our brochure.

Success Stories and Testimonials

Real Impact from Real Schools

Our framework is already making a difference in schools across various local authorities. Hear from educational psychologists and university students who have successfully implemented the SSF to transform their EDI practices.

Upcoming Events

Join Us at the EDI Roundtable & Six Stages Framework Conference 2024

  • Date: Friday, June 28th
  • Location: St. Martin In The Fields, Trafalgar Square
  • Highlights:
    • Engage with top professionals
    • Participate in dynamic panel discussions
    • Attend workshops designed to elevate your school’s approach to EDI
    • Tickets: Only £30—book now to secure your spot

Resource Toolkit

Equip Your School for Success

Our tailored toolkits include practical resources to help you implement and evaluate EDI strategies effectively. These tools are designed to create safe spaces and measure the success of your inclusion efforts.

Contact Us

We’re Here to Help

For more information or to join our network, please contact us. We are here to assist you in making your school a beacon of diversity and inclusion.

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List of Services

  • Executive Leadership coaching from £250/ hour
  • EDI Supervision and support £130/hour
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coaching £150/hour
  • Bespoke Diversity & Inclusion Training from £2000/day
  • Race and mental health coaching £120
  • Anti racism expert affidavits starts from £800
  • Individual diversity assessments- inclusion profiles (prices vary)
  • Organisational diversity assessments (prices vary)
  • Psychological assessment for anti racism claims starts from £1,400

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