Leadership Elections in Northern Ireland: who will the people choose to lead them and why?

As people get ready to vote and the candidates line up for debates around the key issues, the question on everyone’s lips is who is going to be leading the local areas? 

The BBC talked about the tensions between Catholics and Protestants and looked back to some of the problems that have plagued the country in the past.

Trevor Ringland, a Northern Irish solicitor, former rugby union player and politician said “If we’re going to get relationships right in the future we have to look at the leadership we’re getting and where it’s taking us and challenge that leadership if it’s taking us down a destructive path that we saw in the past”.

The comments by Trevor Ringland reminded me of my posts yesterday and the #sixstagesframework description of leadership qualities which occur on the positive or negative axis ie Stages+6 and Stage -6. 

It is so important that we celebrate good leaders (those at Stages +4 through to +6) when we can i.e. those who can promote #diversityequityandinclusion.  It is even more important that we speak up and call out leaders who are taking us down a destructive path those at stages -1 through to -6.

The Six Stages Framework is fluid and not rigid and it important for organisations to explore to what extent their managers and senior leaders are willing and able to lead on #DEI issues. Supervision and training for managers/ senior leaders/boards is key as are DEI evaluations combined with a program of support and challenge.

I also listened to some young people in Northern Ireland on #bbcnews discussing what matters most to them and how they will vote. Key themes seemed to be the cost of living and mental health. They said they want leaders who can lead on what matters to them today not on what mattered in the past such as climate change and mental health issues.

Partnerships were reported as the way forward and young people playing sports talked about “the need to be able to play whoever you want and wherever you want regardless of what you believe”.

It’s so important we listen to young people, our communities and our staff about what matters most to them. Effective leaders are high quality/ active listeners committed to addressing the issues that matter most to their communities and teams- this includes addressing Diversity Equity and Inclusion issues.

How are you promoting and addressing DEI issues in your workplace and within your community?

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