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Here it is the long awaited podcast!

Each episode will feature Dr. Shungu H. M’gadzah, Psychologist and Antiracism Expert and Raphael D. Aboyeji, biologist.

The podcast is produced by Gari Gono, producer of No Brown in Town.


Podcast Episode 1: Understanding How Racism is like a Virus

This podcast explores the concept If Racism was a virus and is based on an article by Dr Shungu H. M’gadzah.

It reflects and links to the key principles of Dr Shungu’s book Understanding and Dealing with Everyday Racism- The Six Stages Framework.

In this episode Dr Shungu, Gari and Raphael consider the following:

– Introducing the concept of the racism virus as outlined in Dr Shungu’s article

– Explore what viruses are and how this links to The Six Stages Framework

The analogy has greater utility when we focus on human biases and discriminations

– Understanding biases and prejudices and how racist views are spread.

– Expand on the analogy of racism as a virus and how it can spread silently throughout communities

– Epidemic vs pandemic vs endemic and the means of transmission of viruses

– Asymptomatic racism, low key racist language and why we should worry about this.

– What causes the racism baseline to vary? And what are the dangers if the baseline lowers? (Six Stages and biological baseline)

– Consider what we learnt from the COVID 19 virus, diseases of the brain vs the mind

– What antigens are and how these markers can fit into the analogy

– The Six Stages Framework as a psychological tool for mapping the development of the racism virus and antigens- its signs and symptoms

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