Diversity Assessments

How to Use the Six Stages Diversity Assessments?

  • Complete the questionnaire assessment- the questionnaire can be administered online or by a DEI consultant or a Psychologist using semi- structured questions
  • It allows you to explore an individual’s and organisation’s understanding and ability to deal with racism
  • Upon completion a Radar Profile Report is produced
  • A more detailed report is available on request written by DEI consultant or Psychologist using the data from the assessment and semi- structured interview
  • Having received the report individuals and/ organisations can be supported to set an action plan for development.


Example of Six Stages Framework Questions

  • Racial and social injustice do not exist
    • Strongly disagree
    • Disagree
    • Neutral
    • Agree
    • Strongly agree
  • I really don’t see colour; I see everyone as the same
  • There is no such thing as microaggressions or unconscious bias
  • What about the working class they suffer too, there is too much focus on race?
  • I can recognise racist behaviour and language and I’m keen to correct this.