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🎶 I am no Stormzy but I do my part! 🎶

I was so inspired watching Stormzy’s mum, I want to dance around and sing too!


Let’s take time to celebrate those leaders who work silently around us.

So good to see such positive role models and leaders within the Black community. 👏🏾

The truth is we can all play our part, you don’t have to have millions but you do have to recognise that you are part of something bigger than yourself. You have to know your purpose and recognise the need to give back to the community and make a difference for those who will come after you (and those around you).

How are you being a leader in your community?

I am doing my part by hosting the EDI roundtable and Six Stages Framework Conference. 🎉 Join Us In Creating a More Inclusive World.

Online agenda and details of speakers and panelists



I am a psychology expert witness and I work to actively challenge and remove barriers to inclusion. I support others to recognise racism and provide the toolkits and language to help people challenge discriminatory behaviours and practice.

I work to support those parents and young people who are often overlooked by Local Authorities because they do not have the money to challenge systems that discriminate and to bring in lawyers to support them at Tribunals. Because of this their cases are often left at the bottom of the pile as unfortunately often the system favours those who speak the loudest.

I work with those experiencing racism and discrimination within the workplace supporting them to analyse their experiences and strategically navigate and challenge racism.

I work to support organisations to review their practices and efforts in fostering inclusion and belonging and provide the toolkits to take their efforts to the next level.

I work with individuals who want to progress in the journey in understanding and dealing with racism and other forms of discrimination. #DEIpersonaldevelopment

Come and join us on 28th June 2024 and be with a community of leaders, each one of us working in our own way to make a difference.

See our line up of speakers, EDI panelists and the agenda for the day.

Check out our Speaker/Panelists and Hosts.

🎶 See you there!🎶 And if anyone knows Stormzy or his mum bring them along!

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List of Services

  • Executive Leadership coaching from £250/ hour
  • EDI Supervision and support £130/hour
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coaching £150/hour
  • Bespoke Diversity & Inclusion Training from £2000/day
  • Race and mental health coaching £120
  • Anti racism expert affidavits starts from £800
  • Individual diversity assessments- inclusion profiles (prices vary)
  • Organisational diversity assessments (prices vary)
  • Psychological assessment for anti racism claims starts from £1,400

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