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By Nicholas Cheffings• 1stThe Crown Estate, Hogan Lovells, University of Exeter, BPA, Making The Leap, CareTech Foundation, DE&I advocate and ally14h • 14 hours ago

I had the privilege of reading Dr Shungu Hilda M’gadzah’s book “Understanding & Dealing With Everyday Racism – The Six Stages Framework” prior to its publication. It is a book about #diversity, #racism and #inclusion, but it is also much more than that. It is informed by the author’s lived experiences, and it draws heavily upon her training as a #psychologist. It speaks of the challenges that our society faces and it explains how we can rise to those challenges by explaining why we need to expand our thinking around racism if we are to achieve real change. The book illustrates how we have a shared responsibility to try to understand each other’s #values, #beliefs, #perceptions and #realities. It also provides a #toolkit for individuals, #government, #schools, #universities and #businesses. It is predicated on the unarguable proposition that there is far more that unites us than there is that separates us. This is a book that is firmly rooted in our uncomfortable reality yet it is also optimistic about our future. If you are interested in helping to make that future a better one, then I recommend this book to you. And, no, I have no vested interest in increasing sales other than in helping to spread Dr Shungu Hilda M’gadzah’s message. #diversityequityinclusion

Nick Crasner 1st degree connection1stFounder of Crasner Consulting, Crasner Capital and Crasner Ventures


Dr Shungu Hilda M’gadzah is innovative, fearless and constructive and her book and her methodology speaks to all of that.

Javed Thomas(He/Him) 1st degree connection1stExecutive Director at The Collaboratory & Co Founder of Race Equality Matters #MyNameIs (pronounced Jaah Vhed Tom- aahs Ja (as in Japan) and Ved (rhymes with head)


It needs to be #EveryonesBusiness

Jane Green MA Ed exAHT 1st degree connection1stProf. educationalist/ advocate for autism/hypermobility health, care Chair SEDSconnective (ND EDS HSD), NIHR, BSMS Time4Autism Policy Lead, OMMT WAGE/ coChair Strategic Oversight Group


Really excellent work

Sally Casterton 🏳️‍🌈View Sally Casterton 🏳️‍🌈’s profile (She/Her) • 1stDirector, Garner Financial Solutions Ltd


It’s a highly practical book and I love the psychology in it too, it helps ordinary people like me to understand issues in much more depth.

Ekua Cant

Corporate Specialist in Neurodiversity, Author, Speaker & Trainer | Employee Wellbeing | Helping Senior Women with Confidence, Strategy & Personal Brand | 🎉Finalist Black Talent Awards Soloprenuer


That’s really excellent feedback. If you want to dive into some of the concepts and understand more about The 6 Stages Framework, then book onto one of the Sessions. In my experience it was a very insightful and thought-provoking session, with an international attendance with wide range of different perspectives. It was a fantastic learning and personal growth opportunity. 😍 😍 🙌🏾🙌🏾🎉🎉

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