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Welcome to our dedicated section for organisations committed to fostering workplaces where diversity is valued and inclusion is an integral part of the corporate culture. Explore our resources, join our initiatives, and participate in events designed to embed EDI deeply into your organisational strategies.

Our Mission

Our goal is to assist organisations in creating environments where every employee feels respected and protected. Through comprehensive EDI strategies, we provide the tools and insights necessary to address discrimination effectively and promote a culture of inclusivity across all levels of operation.

Six Stages Diversity Framework

Discover the Six Stages Diversity Framework — a detailed approach to understanding and applying diversity and inclusion within your operations. This framework helps organisations identify, confront, and monitor discriminatory practices and enhance inclusivity.

What is Discrimination?

Understanding your duties and responsibilities as an organisation.

  • Disability discrimination– you have a duty to identify special educational needs and make reasonable adjustments and modifications to meet needs
  • Gender discrimination-understand and recognise your duties to identify and challenged discriminatory behaviors arising for gender differences
  • Race discrimination– Know and recognise you duties and responsibilities to safeguard all pupils including those who are from the Global Majority
  • Equity and pay-….
  • Flexible working and creating safe spaces…..

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  • Network Benefits: Membership in the SSF Organisations Network places your organisation within a progressive community aimed at leading change.
  • Exclusive Offer: Register now and benefit from a 20% discount on our upcoming conference fee, an excellent opportunity for professional development and networking.

Upcoming Events

  • Trailblazing Event: Join us for our next low-cost event at only £30 per participant, including a networking lunch. It offers a perfect opportunity for organisations to exchange insights, engage with industry leaders, and participate in impactful discussions.
  • Event Invitation: In collaboration with Inclusion Psychologists Ltd, Millennial Psychology Ltd, and Diversify World, we invite you to a day filled with thought-provoking discussions and networking opportunities.

Resource Toolkit

Equip your organisation with our specialised toolkits that provide essential resources for implementing and assessing EDI strategies effectively. These tools are tailored to help you cultivate psychologically safe spaces and measure the success of your diversity efforts.

Contact Us

For further information or to join our network, please contact us. We are dedicated to supporting your organisation in becoming a model of diversity and inclusion.

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List of Services

  • Executive Leadership coaching from £250/ hour
  • EDI Supervision and support £130/hour
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coaching £150/hour
  • Bespoke Diversity & Inclusion Training from £2000/day
  • Race and mental health coaching £120
  • Anti racism expert affidavits starts from £800
  • Individual diversity assessments- inclusion profiles (prices vary)
  • Organisational diversity assessments (prices vary)
  • Psychological assessment for anti racism claims starts from £1,400

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