There’s no place for hate violence in our communities.

For those of you who prefer audibles, here is the podcast to my latest blog shared in my last email.–behaviours–Theres-no-place-for-hate-violence-in-our-communities-e1iih94


Check out the latest blog from Inclusion Psychologists -The Six Stages Framework.

In this blog I explore what happens when we fail to challenge racism early on within the Six Stages Framework. The devastating consequences can be seen in the events such as the recent terrorism act and massacre in Buffalo, USA. We all need to play our part and not ignore or turn away from racist behaviours and language. Challenging racism is everyone’s responsibility, including you too!

We need to get better at understanding racism and identifying the signs and symptoms before people spiral out of control down the negative side of the Six Stages Framework. What action are you taking within your home, communities, and workplace to promote your understanding and ability to deal with racism?