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With The Six Stages Framework

Is Your School Attending The Six Stages Framework Conference? London Friday – 28th June 2024

A school’s awareness of diversity and inclusion, and how dynamic social changes, can foster positive environments of inclusion, belonging, and racial equity.

The upcoming EDI Round Table Event and the Six Stages Framework Conference 2024 stands as a pivotal gathering for educators and administrative leaders committed to making a significant impact in these areas in schools and other organisations.

Why Should Schools Attend?

  1. Expert Insights and Practical Tools: The conference offers an invaluable platform for educational leaders to gain insights from experts across various fields, including Shungu H. M’gadzah’s pioneering work on the Six Stages Framework. This framework provides a structured approach to understanding and addressing everyday racism and can be a critical tool in shaping school policies and student interactions.
  2. Customised Workshops for Educational Settings: Recognising the unique challenges and opportunities within educational institutions, the event features workshops specifically designed to implement EDI principles in These sessions will help educators develop actionable strategies that can be directly applied to enhance the school environment, making it more inclusive and supportive for all students.
  3. Networking with Like-Minded Professionals: Attendance at the event offers a chance to connect with professionals from a wide range of sectors who are also engaged in EDI This networking opportunity fosters collaborations and partnerships that can enrich school programs and initiatives through shared resources and ideas.
  4. Influential Keynote Addresses: Hear from leading voices in the field, including keynote speakers the dynamic sister duo such as Afua Hirsh and Dr Ama Collison who bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in These addresses are designed to inspire and challenge current thinking, providing attendees with fresh perspectives and renewed motivation to drive change within their institutions.
  5. Direct Engagement with EDI Experts: Panel discussions, Q&A sessions and workshops allow school representatives to ask targeted questions and receive advice tailored to the educational This direct engagement is invaluable for clarifying complex issues and refining school-specific approaches to EDI.
  6. Positive Feedback from Previous Attendees: Last year’s event was described as a “game-changing” experience by attendees, highlighting its impact and the quality of insights provided. Testimonials from diverse professionals underscore the value and effectiveness of the discussions and workshops facilitated at the event.

Event Details

  • Date: Friday, June 28th, 2024
  • Venue: St Martin-in-the-Fields
  • Ticket Price: £30.00 (includes networking lunch)
  • Program Highlights: Keynote speeches, EDI roundtable discussions, interactive workshops, and a marketplace for EDI resources.



Participating in the Six Stages Framework EDI Round Table Event 2024 is more than just an educational opportunity: it’s a commitment to leading and inspiring change. By attending, schools can equip themselves with the necessary tools, knowledge, and networks to foster environments where every student feels valued and included. Let’s embrace this opportunity to shape the future of education together.

Tickets are available now. Join us in this important conversation and be a catalyst for positive change in your school and community. For tickets and more information, please visit Eventbrite.

Contact Us: For any inquiries or further information, please connect with our organisers through the links provided. Together, we can build a more inclusive and just educational landscape.

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