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With The Six Stages Framework

Everyone is talking about the Six Stages Framework!

Six Stages Framework Book at Frankfurt Book Fair 2022

The word is spreading about the Six Stages Framework. More and more people are talking about it! Read more here for the evidence. 72 people have signed onto the next free Eventbrite seminar : In what ways do we discriminate? Inclusion Discrimination Profiles. It’s on 2nd November at 7pm BST. Why not come and join […]

Inclusion Psychologist Podcasts

Listen to podcasts created by Inclusion Psychologist: https://anchor.fm/shungu-hilda-mgadzah https://open.spotify.com/show/3wchvGsekFQhoVflgj3bWE

Using Structured Conversations and Frameworks

Six Stages Framework - which state are you at?

Supporting Individuals and Organisations in their Journey Towards Anti-racist Development: Using Structured Conversations and Frameworks.   So why do I spend hours doing this work? I consider it my responsibility to bring change into this world. We all have a responsibility to help change narratives and to leave the world in a better place than […]

The Good, The Bad, The Evil And Worse Of All The Indifferent

The Good, The Bad, The Indifferent

USA shootings- round and round we go: The nightmare merry-go-round which no one seems willing or able to switch off, whilst parents scream get our children off and don’t put any more on. But like some terrifying déjà vu, it carries on turning and the eerie music is all too familiar to us all as […]

Podcast: Conversations that make a difference: Community Narratives

Six Stages Framework Book

Child Q & training for police and one man’s story of being accused of racism.   “I’m in a hotel sipping coffee and two white guys in their 60’s walk in and start playing snooker and we start talking about racism and some of our experiences.”   This podcast and zoom involves me telling Penny […]

Podcast: Why is so little being done to challenge the negative rhetoric around racist thinking & behaviours?

Six Stages Framework

There’s no place for hate violence in our communities. For those of you who prefer audibles, here is the podcast to my latest blog shared in my last email. https://anchor.fm/shungu-hilda-mgadzah/episodes/Why-is-so-little-being-done-to-challenge-the-negative-rhetoric-around-racist-thinking–behaviours–Theres-no-place-for-hate-violence-in-our-communities-e1iih94   Check out the latest blog from Inclusion Psychologists -The Six Stages Framework. In this blog I explore what happens when we fail to challenge […]

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  • Executive Leadership coaching from £250/ hour
  • EDI Supervision and support £130/hour
  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Coaching £150/hour
  • Bespoke Diversity & Inclusion Training from £2000/day
  • Race and mental health coaching £120
  • Anti racism expert affidavits starts from £800
  • Individual diversity assessments- inclusion profiles (prices vary)
  • Organisational diversity assessments (prices vary)
  • Psychological assessment for anti racism claims starts from £1,400

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