Key Concepts

The Six Stages Conceptual Framework

Key principles of the framework:

  • Supporting individuals to understand and challenge racism
  • Exploring and identifying beliefs, values and behaviours of individuals and organizations
  • Appreciating that racism exists in all racial groups and at different levels
  • Understanding basic survival instincts and challenging one’s own prejudice
  • Exploring Steps for Coming out of Caves of Privilege-Cultural or Racial
  • Understanding that the first step for change starts with the self
  • Building Bridges of Empathy
  • Beyond Unconscious Bias
  • Understanding the role of Emotional Intelligence in DEI


The Six Stages of Understanding and Dealing with Racism are as follows:

The stages support individuals and organization to identify where they are in terms of their awareness and understanding.

  1. Lack of  awareness, Ignorance, oblivious, silence and denial
  2. Dismissive of issues of race, pretending that racial and social injustice do not exist
  3. Resenting time spent on race, display of outrage whilst projecting one’s own racism onto others
  4. Open to learning and having meaningful conversations- challenging one’s perceptions
  5. Ability to reflect and genuinely engage. Starting to see the bigger picture around race- paradigm shift
  6. Ability to take on a leadership role in promoting racial equity and social justice. Joining with others for the greater good and for the sake of Humanity.