Inclusion Profile – Peer

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Read through all the Stages (click here to view the Stages) Unless otherwise stated, all questions require an answer.

Peer Rating
Please select a rating for your Peer for each question.
X am aware of their own preferences and biases(Required)
X knows and recognises their own biases(Required)
X acknowledges differences(Required)
X has a good perception of personal biases(Required)
X can reflect on their own identity and experiences(Required)
X recognises potential impact of their own values, beliefs and personal biases (which may be unconscious)(Required)
X takes personal action to ensure all are treated with respect and dignity(Required)
X applies self reflection(Required)
(introspectively examine my thoughts, emotions, experiences and behaviours with the aim of gaining insight, understanding and personal growth)
X seeks feedback(Required)
X uses mindfulness practices(Required)
X monitors decision making processes(Required)
X challenges assumptions(Required)
X creates accountability structures to mitigate influence of biases(Required)
X cultivates empathy(Required)
X regularly applies self-assessment(Required)

Six Stages Framework Stage 2

X actively seeks out perspectives different from their own and take advice(Required)
X engages in active listening(Required)
X seeks diversity(Required)
X asks thoughtful questions(Required)
X practices empathy(Required)
X exposes themselves to contrary opinions(Required)
X is open minded(Required)
X creates a safe environment for feedback(Required)
X reflects on feedback(Required)
X actively seeks advice(Required)
X expresses gratitude(Required)
X acknowledges differences(Required)

Six Stages Framework Stage 3

X enables everyone to contribute(Required)
X establishes psychological safety(Required)
X promotes inclusivity(Required)
X sets clear expectations(Required)
X facilitates effective communication(Required)
X encourages participation(Required)
X provides support and resources(Required)
X embraces diversity of thought(Required)
X leads by example(Required)
X addresses barriers and biases(Required)
X celebrates contributions(Required)
X applies integrity and authentic communication ensuring I'm clear and honest(Required)

Six Stages Framework Stage 4

X adapts their own style to work effectively with others(Required)
X understands different communication styles(Required)
X actively listens(Required)
X is flexible in their approach and thinking(Required)
X is empathetic(Required)
X is adaptable(Required)
X is able to build rapport(Required)
X is clear, transparent and honest in their communication and am able to foster trust(Required)
X has positive conflict and resolution skills(Required)
X respects differences(Required)
X strives for continuous improvement(Required)
X values empathy, open-mindedness and curiosity(Required)
I am emotionally understanding and adaptable(Required)
X is curious and engage with the world in a meaningful way to foster learning(Required)
X is aware of cultural intelligence and have an understanding of people with diverse backgrounds(Required)

Six Stages Framework Stage 5

X opens their decision making to other perspectives(Required)
X recognises their own biases(Required)
X seeks diverse input(Required)
X encourages debate and discussion(Required)
X practices active listening(Required)
X promotes inclusive decision making processes(Required)
X considers multiple options(Required)
X evaluates evidence and data(Required)
X embraces constructive feedback(Required)
X balances consensus(Required)
X can reflect and learn from their reflection(Required)
X values different perspectives, people from different backgrounds and experiences(Required)
X is courageous(Required)
X recognises barriers to inclusion(Required)
X actively challenges and sees to remove barriers(Required)
X challenges and calls out discrimination(Required)

Six Stages Framework Stage 6

X makes success possible for all(Required)
X is committed to inclusivity(Required)
X is committed to ongoing learning and growth(Required)
X understands equality legislation and how it applies(Required)
X strives to learn more about different cultures, identities and experiences(Required)
X empowers team members(Required)
X recognises, leverages unique strengths and talents of individuals(Required)
X is an advocate for equity and justice(Required)
X speaks up against discrimination and injustice(Required)
X carries out impact assessments(Required)
X reviews policies and ensures they promote diversity and inclusion(Required)

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