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As we limber up to our EDI & Annual Six Stages Framework Conference, I saw this post and could not help thinking about the Six Stages Framework!

Firstly, thank you Bethany Samson for this post. I hope you will not mind me looking at your story through the lenses of the 6Stages Framework. [And what a beautiful picture of you and your baby. Many congrats 🎉]

In this scenario this starts by asking the question:

Employers where are you in your journey of understanding and ability to support those parents returning to the workplace after having a baby?

Here are the 6Stages on the positive axis.


Let’s consider the employer behaviours and how these manifest: These employers have no idea of what employees are going through.

They are oblivious and removed from the challenges faced by parents returning to work.


These employers show an unwillingness to recognise the challenges and the responsibilities that employers have towards employees

“Holding onto policies and workplaces that let you down.”

They may even make the right sounds about being supportive, but nothing really changes.


The employer realises the challenges faced by the returning mum.

When questioned they may admit to themselves and comments like, “I had no idea. I genuinely thought that a phased return and a catch-up on what you’d missed was enough, that you could slot straight back in without missing a beat.”

These employers are open to “hearing other stories from women and men about their struggles during planning and raising a family, and the good, bad, and ugly of how their employers were part of this.”


The employer recognises the challenges faced by returning parents. “I’m sorry. I had no idea what you were going through. I know now. That you probably weren’t sleeping.”

They recognise the impact of attachment issues on parents. “That being away from your baby feels like your heart is missing from your body.”

They recognise the mental health impacts. :that the anxiety of returning to a workplace, familiar but different, would be overwhelming.

They appreciate the added work parents need to take on: “that organizing childcare is a job in itself.”

Above all they understand how giving birth and being a parent can be a transformative experience: “that you gain a new identity at the expense of your old one.”


Employers begin to see the bigger picture.

They empathise with returning parents and are able to step in their shoes. They are “no longer blissfully ignorant of what planning for and having a family can entail”.

They also realise that for many parents even if they have “a great employer” like those at Investors in People, the returning mum can still be left struggling.


Employers do what they can to make the return to work easier.

They put in place modifications and policies that make a real differences. They create workplaces and spaces that say:

❤️We care, and we understand

❤️And above all, we are here for you

👏🏾And we will truly support you not just say we will but actually do it!

👏🏾These employers believe that as an employer you can #makeworkbetter.

 Make this your mission as they seem to do at Investors in People. “Recognise that work can help us live happier, more fulfilled lives.” Plan and consider how you can make the experience of your employees better.

Ask your employees, what has been your experience? What changes do you think would make the biggest difference?

Tell them we would love to hear your views on this! What can we do for you during this time?

Six Stages ZPD Presentation1

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